Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sewing Leather

Here’s a quick preview of the latest workshop on CD I’ve produced. It’s called Sewing Leather with Kathryn Brenne. More info is now available on Kathryn’s website,, but this will hopefully be useful, too. The first pictures are miniature screen grabs of the topic titles from the over 1 ½ hours of detailed, tightly edited video demonstrations on the CD, along with a couple of full-scale images from the videos themselves. Click on them to see them life-size. Like my other CDs, this one also includes lots of text information, a close-up detailed gallery of Kathryn’s wonderful work, and extensive resource listings, all hot-linked to relevant web pages. There are also two complete beginner’s projects, complete with easily printed full-size patterns and step-by-step directions, each requiring very little leather and no pattern adjusting. If you want to see more, there’s a link to download a preview sample of the pdf file that contains all these wonders at Kathryn’s website, listed under Links at right.

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evie said...

looks like a great dvd but im in the uk. i dont think i can afford it yet. but hopefully ill get it soon.