Thursday, June 21, 2007

A website option; Vote!

Here’s the page that Kathryn's considering for her website, announcing and describing her new CD (click to see it full size). She asks:
"My options are:
A downloadable pdf preview of a few pages from the CD
A series of 6 or 7 rotating snippets that would change every 1-2 seconds in the spot where there is now a photo of me sewing red leather.

How do you think the sample page compares to the screen shots of each video topic posted here below.
Do you think you would find a downloadable file useful or overkill?
Too many choices for me to make a decision!"

Have an opinion? We’d love to hear it; just post a note to the list and we’ll read it there. MANY thanks!


Ann said...

I really like the layout of the webpage, easy to read. I'd prefer a pdf to download for the preview.
Ann in NC

evie said...

yes i agree i prefer a pdf download too. its a great website but id like a bit more colour. if you are doing that dvd for real or some online tutorials let me know i want that dvd!