Friday, June 22, 2007

Kathryn’s busy daughter Dale

She says: "Here is my daughter wearing one of her new dresses with a tank top underneather to accomodate the school dress code. She braided white cording to make the straps. Made from McCall's 4440.“

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A website option; Vote!

Here’s the page that Kathryn's considering for her website, announcing and describing her new CD (click to see it full size). She asks:
"My options are:
A downloadable pdf preview of a few pages from the CD
A series of 6 or 7 rotating snippets that would change every 1-2 seconds in the spot where there is now a photo of me sewing red leather.

How do you think the sample page compares to the screen shots of each video topic posted here below.
Do you think you would find a downloadable file useful or overkill?
Too many choices for me to make a decision!"

Have an opinion? We’d love to hear it; just post a note to the list and we’ll read it there. MANY thanks!

That snazzy belt!

She says: "Here is a leather belt that I made using some leftover scraps of leather. The buckle set and conchos were purchased from Tandy leather. The reptile print is actually pig skin which has been dyed and embossed to look like reptile."

Kathryn’s Koos

She says: “Here are some pictures of Vogue 2971 which I recently made. Love the pattern! I got the fabrics on a recent trip to NY. The main skirt fabric was so busy I didn't use a contrast as suggested in the pattern. The skirt fabric was one of those amazing NY deals at only $1.99 yard! The T-shirt knit is used on the skirt as well. The panel down the front is sewn on then cut into strips."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...and two more!

More T’s

Kathryn’s T-Shirts

Kathryn’s student’s buckskin jacket

She says: “One of my local students just completed a buckskin jacket last week. I am very proud of him as he wasn't much of a sewer before he started coming for weekly classes. It took him 14 weekly 2 hour sessions along with a bit of time at home to make. The jacket is completely lined and has an inside welt pocket for his wallet.”

Sunday, June 17, 2007

...and here’s the covers, of the disk and of the pdf. The belt on the disc label is one of the included projects on the CD.

Sewing Leather

Here’s a quick preview of the latest workshop on CD I’ve produced. It’s called Sewing Leather with Kathryn Brenne. More info is now available on Kathryn’s website,, but this will hopefully be useful, too. The first pictures are miniature screen grabs of the topic titles from the over 1 ½ hours of detailed, tightly edited video demonstrations on the CD, along with a couple of full-scale images from the videos themselves. Click on them to see them life-size. Like my other CDs, this one also includes lots of text information, a close-up detailed gallery of Kathryn’s wonderful work, and extensive resource listings, all hot-linked to relevant web pages. There are also two complete beginner’s projects, complete with easily printed full-size patterns and step-by-step directions, each requiring very little leather and no pattern adjusting. If you want to see more, there’s a link to download a preview sample of the pdf file that contains all these wonders at Kathryn’s website, listed under Links at right.