Monday, November 13, 2006

Ideas for Dawn

Here’s my once-in-a-lifetime “I Made It and It’s On the Cover of Threads!” grey-striped shirt with cufflinks, from issue #47, which was also the issue in which my shirtbook was introduced. I draw your attention to the cuffs, which while double-fold, only use a single layer for the cufflink buttonholes...sort of a best of both worlds version of the single vs double issue for shirts using cufflinks; I prefer single and did these cuffs just to add some interest for my cover garment, and to add proof that shirts are for girls, too. Also note the placket buttons, placed close to the cuff so that they provide a larger buttoned circumference, handy when you want to push your sleeves up without rolling. Other carefully considered features: fronts only placed on the crossgrain for horizontal stripes; collar stand and cuff facings cut from shirt fabric, not white; outer yoke pieced at CB to allow stripes to run parallel to the front yoke seams; inner yoke not pieced and cut from white so as not to show conflicting stripe pattern through this very thin, fine Sea Island cotton fabric.

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