Friday, September 29, 2006

Proof of Concept: Post #1

So, this is here to test/show how easy it is to create space for sharing pictures with friends, as a way of illustrating a forum or mailing-list post, etc. I’ll start with a picture from my Shirt book that illustrates exactly what I was trying to describe in words in the Quiltropolis topic about cufflink-cuffs and sleeve plackets, and how the placket has to be positioned differently before you attach the cuff to the sleeve.


Diane said...

that is a nice cuff

Anonymous said...

David: I love your book! Finally, a book on shirtmaking that's uncomplicated and fun. Bonus points that you're a guy writing for men, largely. Could you point me to the article on adjusting the placket attachment for single French cuffs? Thanks! David